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ladykutani: I made a little ditty today
ladykutani: to the tune of disco inferno
ladykutani: "Burrrrn scott and tom! Vagina inferno!"
HalfOfaHeaven signed on at 10:50:36 PM.
HalfOfaHeaven returned at 11:04:49 PM.
HalfOfaHeaven: We should make an album of shiela music
ladykutani: indeed
HalfOfaHeaven: ShielaShielaShiela I got fire in my pussy and I can't get it out of my brain
ladykutani: lmaonade
HalfOfaHeaven: at the Shiela, Shielacabana, all the pitchforks go flying in my cunt-hole
HalfOfaHeaven: Shielacabana
HalfOfaHeaven: LMAO
ladykutani: queefle queefle satan fart, how I wonder what you are, enveloping the world and sky, spray some magma very high
ladykutani: (twinkle twinkle little star)
HalfOfaHeaven: yeah
HalfOfaHeaven: lol
HalfOfaHeaven: what's shiela got to do with it got to do with it? What's shiela but a gaping hole of magma
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