Aaron and Stuff (vamir) wrote in satanofpathosia,
Aaron and Stuff

The Raisin

SOP: Do you know anything about Edgar Allen Poe?
vamir: He was an author.
SOP: But that’s all you know?
vamir: He was a melancholy, depressed author.
SOP: What did he write?
vamir: Poems, short stor-
SOP: Did he write something called “The Raisin”?
vamir: The raisin?
SOP: Yeah, the raisin. I met a guy who’s producing – or maybe he’s directing – an Edgar Allen Poe movie called “The Raisin.”
goddesskutani: Do you mean “The Raven.” He wrote a poem called “The Raven.”
vamir: It’s only his most well-known work.
SOP: Ohhh, maybe it was called “The Raven.” [Walks out of the room]
vamir: [Blank, shocked stare at goddesskutani]
goddesskutani: [Blank, shocked stare at vamir]
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