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Satan of Bathosia pops another eardrum

One of his "rules" is that I'm not allowed to burn incents in my room. I've never had an explanation as to why, so I've ignored such a rule. Mom has caught me a few times (not that I care) and she of course doesn't mind, but she as well doesn't want to deal with the wrath of Steve.

Last night, I burned an incent for maybe 5 minutes, just to get my room to smell nice so I could peacefully fall into a slumber, and somehow he smelled it (even though I stuck a towel under my door). So round about 11:00, he knocks on the door (I'm sleeping by now, and the incent has long been put out). He knocks louder and louder until he wakes me up (I was dreaming and thought that the knocking was part of my dream until I realized I was awake). I groaned, "What?" He proceeded to jerk open the door, and was outraged that I had stuck a towel under the door so he wouldn't smell it. Then he something at me about me being sneaky and that he doesn't like sneaky and blah blah blah, and he chucked the towel at the floor. OOOOooooo, how adult of him! He threatened to kick me out if I burned on more incent. Then he stormed out of my room and yelled downstairs, "Gayle, she had a towel stuffed under her door so we wouldn't smell it!" Mom had guests over, and replied, "Steve, wait until my guests are gone."

This morning, I wrote him an un-sugarcoated letter about how I tune him out most of the time, and that he was being a hypocrite by trying to force me to not burn incents when we keep a number of candles lit for 8 days every year. I also added that the towel under the door was not being SNEAKY, it was being courteous to those who don't enjoy the smell. I gave a couple other examples of how his perception of me being SNEAKY is in fact me being courteous of HIM. If I come home at a weird hour, I go in through the doggy door instead of the front, because if the alarm goes off it will wake him up. It's not much trouble for me to go in that way, and I don't see how that's sneaky at all if I'm using it to get IN the house, not go OUT of it. LOL.

I also noted that I've stopped attempting to earn his trust because he doesn't have faith in me. Any time I've tried to earn some trust, he misconstrues something and immediately goes to "This is why we can never trust you! You're SNEAKY!" LOL. I love how he uses "we" so much, when in fact it's only he who has these opinions. My mom doesn't agree with 90% of what he tells me.
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